Office 2010 SP2–You Did Upgrade, Right?

Six months ago, we discussed that Office 2010 SP1 support was drawing to a close.  This means that you now need to have Office 2010 SP2 deployed on all relevant machines as the end of Office 2010 SP1 support is the 14th of October 2014.

Office 2010 Support Lifecycle Dates

The Microsoft support lifecycle site has the above details.

One thing to note here!  Since I am focused on messaging, the main thingy in the Office stack that I work on is Outlook.  But note that there is not an Outlook 2010 service pack.  This is the OFFICE 2010 service pack.  Why is this important?  Well this means assessing the impact of updating all of the installed Office 2010 bits and ensuring compatibility with your various applications and services.  This is worth mentioning as it can be no small task to do so in a large enterprise environment, and those customer will have been planning this install for months!

While we are discussing Outlook 2010 specifically here, the same holds true for all products covered with the Microsoft support lifecycle.  Please sign up for the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Quarterly Update Newsletterto stay abreast of supportability dates and ensure you get the support you deserve!



Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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