Exchange Unexpected InternalNLBBypass URL – RecoverServer

Exchange Server Unexpected URL RecoverServer

Reviewing the output of an environement's CAS Namespaces showed that there was an unexpecte URL present for the version of Exchagne that was installed.  With Exchange 2013 onwards InternalNLBBypassURL is not something that we need to set.  That was an Exchange 2007 and 2010 thing.

In the environment below note that there are couple of things that pique my interest.

Any thoughts?

Exchange WebServices Showing InternalNLBBypassURL

What is interesting i… Read the rest “Exchange Unexpected InternalNLBBypass URL – RecoverServer”


End of Exchange 2013 Support

Exchange 2013 Support Lifecycle

Today Exchange 2013 reaches the end of the road and it will transition out of extended support.  Hopefully everyone has migrated to a newer version and/or Office 365.  But experience tells me that will not be the case.

Hopefully no one will have Exchange 2013 published to the Internet either, but again experience says otherwise…

Please note that Microsoft will not provide technical support, time zon… Read the rest “End of Exchange 2013 Support”


Exchange Server Extended Protection

Exchange Server Extended Protection

Extended Protection uses service binding and channel binding to help prevent an authentication relay attack. In an authentication relay attack, a client that can perform NTLM authentication (for example, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, a .NET SqlClient application, etc.), connects to an attacker (for example, a malicious CIFS file server). The attacker uses the client's credentials to masquer… Read the rest “Exchange Server Extended Protection”


Remediate Exchange Security CVE-2022-21978

Remediate Exchange CVE-2022-21978

The May 2022 security update for Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019 resolved CVE-2022-21978.  A common issue is that admins are only doing part of the work to address this CVE.  Yes they are installing the update, but are not reading the rest of the documentation which states that an additional command must be run.

The FAQ states:

Do I need to take further steps to be protected from this vulnerabilRead the rest “Remediate Exchange Security CVE-2022-21978”


Why Is The Exchange Security Update Not Installed?

The issue of "Why is the Exchange Security Update not installed?" has popped up frequently over the last few months due to the number of security releases for on-premises Exchange.

Due to Hafnium, security teams have increased the monitoring of Exchange to make sure that it is fully patched.  In some of these cases, the Exchange and server admins think that they are all good as they run Windows Upd… Read the rest “Why Is The Exchange Security Update Not Installed?”


Unable To Renew Exchange Certificate – Friendly Name Is Too Long

Your Exchange certificate is about to expire, so you initiate a standard process to renew it.  It's only a 5 minute job as that's how long it took last time, right?

Well, no.  All is fine until you try to renew the existing certificate.  The easiest way to initiate the renewal is by using the Renew option in the Exchange Admin Center.

The current certificate is the one selected in the below screensho… Read the rest “Unable To Renew Exchange Certificate – Friendly Name Is Too Long”


Is Exchange Fully Updated? If Not, Go Update Now

The Exchange team just posted that the September 2021 updates are going to be slightly delayed.  The priority will always be to ship quality updates rather than force it out to meet a specific day.

You can look at the announcement, and Nino's additional comments here:

Delay of September 2021 Cumulative Update for Exchange Server - Microsoft Tech Community

This means that we have a little bit more tim… Read the rest “Is Exchange Fully Updated? If Not, Go Update Now”


Does Exchange Setup Automatically Run PrepareSchema?

The question "Does Exchange setup automatically run /PrepareSchema?" was something that came up many times in the recent Hafnium remediation activities.  This was due to many customers not updating Exchange for multiple years, and being extremely behind on updates.  In order to get Exchange updated, it was necessary to perform multiple steps in the upgrade process.  Sometimes the /PrepareSchema ta… Read the rest “Does Exchange Setup Automatically Run PrepareSchema?”


Unable to Run Exchange Setup–Pending Reboot From a Previous Installation

When installing Exchange updates, I place the server into maintenance mode and restart it prior to installing the actual Exchange update.  This is due to have being burned many times by other teams or third party tools that conveniently "overlooked" the fact that their setup required the machine to restart.  It also provides an opportunity for issues caused by those third party tools to surface be… Read the rest “Unable to Run Exchange Setup–Pending Reboot From a Previous Installation”


Exchange Managed Availability State Unknown

The below is one of the cases where the "Zen of Exchange Management" is what fixes the issue.  I've been know to say that sometimes you just need to wait for Exchange to do what it needs to do.  To pass the time, feel free to adopt a meditation pose and emit calm and peaceful humming noises.  This is Zen.


Exchange Managed Availability Reports Status:  Unknown

After remediating multiple other i… Read the rest “Exchange Managed Availability State Unknown”