Upgrade to Azure Standard Load Balancer

Azure Outbound Network Options

On September 30, 2025, the Azure Basic Load Balancer will be retired. For more information, see the official announcement. If you are currently using Basic Load Balancer, make sure to upgrade to Standard Load Balancer prior to the retirement date.

You can use the guidance to upgrade, please ensure that all of the steps are followed when you test and then implement the change.  This is due to the fact… Read the rest “Upgrade to Azure Standard Load Balancer”


Quick Tip – Easily Start All Azure VMs In A Particular Resource Group

Quick Tip Easily Start Azure VMs Using Azure Cloud Shell

Manually starting up lab VMs is painfully slow, and since many organisations will implement management policy to auutomatically shut them down to save costs you may find yourself powering them on a lot...

While you can set up automated tasks to power them on, not all really need to be running every day.  For example, I always want the DC's running so they are able to maintain replication and there … Read the rest “Quick Tip – Easily Start All Azure VMs In A Particular Resource Group”


Out of SSPR Scope User Experience

Azure AD Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) has the ability to restrict which group of users are able to perform SSPR tasks.  It is a slightly limited administrator control as only a single group can be selected.  Azure AD administrator roles are able to perform SSPR even if they are not in scope of the selected group.

They typical user experience is that the person goes to https://aka.ms/SSPR and … Read the rest “Out of SSPR Scope User Experience”


WordPress Linux Web App Poor Performance

Azure Create WordPress App Service

Having to host, upgrade and manage WordPress is not really my main job.  The various posts over the years will provide a small clue that other things take up most of my time and are my day job.  Life was certainly easier when TechNet was still around as a dedicated team ran the MSDN and TechNet blog platforms and provided all of the infrastructure support.  All I had to do was write the posts.

Alas… Read the rest “WordPress Linux Web App Poor Performance”


Migrate Azure VMs To Separate Subscription

Azure VM Migrate

Defining Azure governance so that your subscriptions, management groups is correctly built out and deployed is critical.  Even with the best planning sometimes it is still necessary to move resources to a new subscription.  While Learn documents how this can be done, it does not work for all scenarios.

Bullet point #5 illustrates an issue where subscriptions may belong to different tenants.

Migrate Azure Resources - Subscriptions To Exist In Same Tenant

There are… Read the rest “Migrate Azure VMs To Separate Subscription”


Upgrade to Azure AD Connect 2.0

Azure AD Connect Upgrade to 2.X

When delivering Office 365 Security Optimisation Assessments (SOA) to customers, one of the control items is the version of Azure AD Connect deployed along with some related configuration elements.  In many cases, Azure AD Connect is not updated to a build that resolves both security and feature issues.  Why is Azure AD Connect not current?  Good question.

There are two main scenarios that I see rig… Read the rest “Upgrade to Azure AD Connect 2.0”


MDI Install Error 0x80070643 Windows Server 2019

MDI Install Error 0x80070643 Windows Server 2019

Install the Microsoft Defender for Identity (MDI) sensor onto a newly built DC?  Easy you say, and that should only take 5 minutes.   Well, if that was the case there would be no need for this post, and as my Dad would say, there is no such thing as a 5 minute job.

The below is a brand new Windows Server 2019 DC.  It was built, fully patched and then promoted.  Next up is to install the standard Mi… Read the rest “MDI Install Error 0x80070643 Windows Server 2019”


Review Azure AD Connect Synchronisation Scope

Review Azure AD Connect Synchronisation Scope

As part of your regular security and operations review, it is important to check and verify the configuration of Azure AD Connect.  Ensuring the OS and Azure AD Connect are up to date is one aspect.  In this post we want to look at the scope of objects which connect is synchronising.  This is valuable for a few reasons. For example:

  • Many folks have installed Azure AD Connect did configured any filt
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Add Domain to Azure, What Is Its EXO Status?

Add Domain To Azure AD - What Is The Domain Type in Exchange Online

A recent discussion revolved around adding domains to Azure, and how that would manifest iteslf in Office 365 and Azure.  This was a customer where one set of admins was focused on Azure and others on Office 365 and they did not interact much.

Lab Starting Configuration

You will note that initially there are three domains shown in Exchange Online portal.  One is a custom vanity domain - tailspintoysRead the rest “Add Domain to Azure, What Is Its EXO Status?”