Out of SSPR Scope User Experience

Azure AD Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) has the ability to restrict which group of users are able to perform SSPR tasks.  It is a slightly limited administrator control as only a single group can be selected.  Azure AD administrator roles are able to perform SSPR even if they are not in scope of the selected group.

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Review Azure AD Connect Synchronisation Scope

Review Azure AD Connect Synchronisation Scope

As part of your regular security and operations review, it is important to check and verify the configuration of Azure AD Connect.  Ensuring the OS and Azure AD Connect are up to date is one aspect.  In this post we want to look at the scope of objects which connect is synchronising.  This is valuable for a few reasons. For example:

  • Many folks have installed Azure AD Connect did configured any filt
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Does Manually Running Azure AD Connect Change Schedule?

Despite the current versions of Azure AD Connect running the main synchronisation task every 30 minutes, there are still times when we want to force the task.  As a result of this, a question was floated if that changed the existing schedule.  If the next scheduled instance is in 10 minutes, and we run a manual task right now does that mean that another task will execute in 10 minutes?


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New And Advanced Azure AD Connect Topics

Azure AD Connect Password Hash Sync

There have been some recent feature additions to Azure AD Connect.  If we look at the Azure AD Connection Version History  after a brief hiatus, there are newer versions as of March 2021.  At the time of witing, the latest version is and was released on the 31st May 2021.

There are multiple new features and changes in this build.

  • Updated ADSyncTools PowerShell module
  • Defaults to V2 synchronisati
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AAD Connect Express Installation Screenshots–March 2017

This is a reference post to illustrate the installation experience when installing Azure Active Directory Connect (AAD Connect).  AAD Connect is often referred by its older name of DirSync as it rolls off the tongue slightly easier.  This post was written in March 2017, and installs AAD Connect version 1.1.443.0 which was the latest version at the time of writing.  The Express installation option i… Read the rest “AAD Connect Express Installation Screenshots–March 2017”


End of DirSync and AAD Sync Support

Today marks the end of support for the legacy synchronisation tools which are used to connect on-premises Active Directory to Office 365 and Azure AD.  Specifically Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync) and Azure AD Sync are the tools which are transitioning out of support at this time.  Note also that version 1.0  of Azure Active Directory (AAD Connect) is also transitioning of support.  … Read the rest “End of DirSync and AAD Sync Support”


How To Enable AAD Connect Sync Cycle

When installing Azure Active Directory Connect (AAD Connect), it is sometimes required that the initial synchronisation is not initiated until additional configuration has been performed.  This may mean that rules have to be edited, or that certain filtering options are to be applied.

AAD Connect will inform you that synchronisation will not occur until you enable it.  This is highlighted along the… Read the rest “How To Enable AAD Connect Sync Cycle”


Enable-RemoteMailbox – Is It A Chicken Or An Egg

This post is to answer a recent customer question regarding if there is a requirement to perform a directory sync cycle after creating a new remote mailbox enabled AD user object before it could have an Office 365 mailbox created.

They believed that the on-premises Exchange tools were directly reaching out to Exchange Online and immediately creating the necessary mailbox in the service.   This is w… Read the rest “Enable-RemoteMailbox – Is It A Chicken Or An Egg”


Azure AD Connect Express Install Upgrade – Build

In February 2016 a new build of the Azure AD Connect tool was released.  This is build  Multiple features and enhancements were added, and some significant changes were made to Azure AD Connect.

The release history of Azure AD Sync and Azure AD Connect is available on azure.microsoft.comDirSync is grounded in the years 2013/2014, we will leave that aside.  The latest build of Azure AD… Read the rest “Azure AD Connect Express Install Upgrade – Build”


Azure AD Connect Express Install Upgrade – Build 1.0.9131.0

The directory synchronization program managers have been hard at work adding more and more documentation to the Azure repository.  The content is currently being published to azure.microsoft.com.  For example Introducing Azure AD Connect takes us through the identity management steps when connecting to Azure AD.

Please note that this post is based on the upgrade to 1.0.9131.0 which was released in De… Read the rest “Azure AD Connect Express Install Upgrade – Build 1.0.9131.0”