April 2024 Exchange Server Hotfix Updates – HU

Exchange April 2024 Hotfix Update

Want some updates to go with your updates?  That’s pretty much what you are getting with the April 2024 Exchange updates.  We can split the features which are part of the April 2024 release into two main areas:

  1. Fixing the multiple things that broke with the March 2023 Security Update (SU)
  2. Adding net new features

The April 2024 HU is available for the following builds of Exchange Server:

  • Exchange Serve
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Unable To Install or Launch Exchange HCW

Unable To Launch Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard

You want to run the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) and after clicking the link to the HCW in the admin portal or manually browsing to the shortcut URL you are unable to either launch or install the HCW.  Despite using Edge, the HCW application just does not install and/or launch.  All you get is the initial prompt to open the file and nothing else.

For example, if we go to the shortcut … Read the rest “Unable To Install or Launch Exchange HCW”


Exchange 2016 – CU23 Now Required

Exchange 2016 CU23 Now Required

With the release of Exchange 2019 CU14 today, a separate announcement was added to the release post to highlight that only CU23 is supported for Exchange 2016.  Exchange Server 2016 is supported until the end of its support in 2025, however in order to receive support and to obtain Security Updates (SUs) you must be running CU23.  CU22 and all older releases of Exchange 2016 are no longer supporte… Read the rest “Exchange 2016 – CU23 Now Required”


Exchange 2019 CU14 Released (2024 H1)

Exchange 2019 CU14 Download

Exchange 2019 CU14 has been released to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center and the public Microsoft Download site!  Exchange 2019 has a different servicing strategy than Exchange 2007/2010 and utilises Cumulative Updates (CUs) rather than the Rollup Updates (RU/UR) which were used previously.    CUs are a complete installation of Exchange 2019 and can be used to install a fresh server or to upd… Read the rest “Exchange 2019 CU14 Released (2024 H1)”


Exchange Healthcheck Script– Unable to Connect to Server

Exchange Healthcheck Script - Unable to Connect

Below is a repro of a customer situation where the Exchange Healthcheck script was unable to connect to a remote Exchange server.  The Healthcheck script would run locally with no issues, and reported a clean bill of health.

Note that the expected output log was not present after running the script.

In the command below, we are trying to remotely assess sever Exch-2019-1

Exchange Healthcheck Script - Unable to Connect to Server

Troubleshooting Thoughts

It wa… Read the rest “Exchange Healthcheck Script– Unable to Connect to Server”


End of Exchange 2019 Mainstream Support

Exchange 2019 Support Lifecycle Policy

Today marks the end of Exchange 2019’s mainstream support.  This will likely resurface the discussion about what do we do with on-premises Exchange, where is the next version and do we even still need Exchange Server if all mailboxes are in Exchange Online?  While there is a solution to removing the last Exchange Server from on-premises it does have it's caveats and considerations.  Please ensure … Read the rest “End of Exchange 2019 Mainstream Support”


Enable DMARC For OnMicrosoft.com Domains

DMARC Record For onmicrosoft.com Domain

It is possible to add a Domain Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) record for your onmicrosoft.com domain in M365.  Is that a good thing?

Well, your viewpoint may depend on your experiences with this domain.  If you actually use the onmicrosoft.com domain to send email, then yes!  Adding the DMARC record enables the DMARC alignment check to pass and the mail to be success… Read the rest “Enable DMARC For OnMicrosoft.com Domains”


How To Generate File Hash Using Certutil

Create File Hash using Certutil

Windows has the ability to easily generate a hash for a given file using the Certutil.exe utility.  Administrators may have previously used to this tool when they need to generate TLS certificates or to perform other tasks against AD Certificate Services.  As an example of the former, this was a common task for AD FS certificates as described in this post.

To generate the file hash we will use the … Read the rest “How To Generate File Hash Using Certutil”


Exchange Unexpected InternalNLBBypass URL – RecoverServer

Exchange Server Unexpected URL RecoverServer

Reviewing the output of an environement's CAS Namespaces showed that there was an unexpecte URL present for the version of Exchagne that was installed.  With Exchange 2013 onwards InternalNLBBypassURL is not something that we need to set.  That was an Exchange 2007 and 2010 thing.

In the environment below note that there are couple of things that pique my interest.

Any thoughts?

Exchange WebServices Showing InternalNLBBypassURL

What is interesting i… Read the rest “Exchange Unexpected InternalNLBBypass URL – RecoverServer”


How to Get Newer Version of PowerShellGet – Install, Don’t Upgrade

Update PowerShellGet

Current versions of Windows come with a version of PowerShellGet pre-installed.  The PowerShellGet and PackageManagement modules originally were released in Windows PowerShell 5.0 which itself was part of the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 RTM.  This was back in early 2016. The PowerShellGet module is also integrated with the PackageManagement module as a provider.

The version of Powe… Read the rest “How to Get Newer Version of PowerShellGet – Install, Don’t Upgrade”