Tenant Hydration – Still A Thing

Almost 10 years ago I ran into a customer deployment where they were unable to run some of the Exchange PowerShell commands.  Funnily enough, this bubbled up the other week.

As a recap, tenants are created in a dehydrated state to minimise resouce consumption.  That means they can not be customised things like Role Based Access Control (RBAC) assignments are read-only and can not be customised.  The issue which was observed in the original post was releated to Free/Busy sharing using Federation.  But the same root cause - the tenant did not allow the settings to be customised.

Revisiting Tenant Hydration In 2024

The Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) was used as part of a hybrid deployment.  Note that the version information in the top right corner shows that it is the current version of the HCW and that the server is a fully patched Exchange 2019 instance.

The HCW runs into and issue at the end of the process with error HCW8077 - Tenant Organization is dehydrated.

HCW Error - HCW8077 - Tenant Organization is dehydrated

For the benefits of search engines, the log content is included below:

2024.04.13 02:18:48.554 *ERROR* 10268 [Client=UX, Page=Configuring, fn=RunWorkflow, Workflow=Hybrid, Thread=12] FINISH Time=48.2s Results=FAILED
2024.04.13 02:18:48.557 *ERROR* 10025 [Client=UX, Page=Configuring, fn=RunWorkflow, Thread=12] HCW8077 Tenant organization is dehydrated.  Try running the Hybrid wizard again and if the issue persists contact support to remediate this issue.
2024.04.13 02:18:48.557 *ERROR* 10025 [Client=UX, Page=Configuring, fn=RunWorkflow, Thread=12] HCW8092 One or more items failed validation during 'Hybrid Initialization' task.  Please see log file for details.

You can either use the Enable-OrganizationCustomization cmdlet or run the HCW a second time.  The HCW should hydrate the tenant allowing the wizard to complete the next time.


Verify Tenant Hydration Status

You can look at the IsDehydrated property to verify the current status of the tenant.

Get-OrganizationConfig | FL identity, IsDehydrated



Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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