Windows Phone Upgraded

Feeling pretty pumped over here as I’ve just deployed the latest and greatest build onto my Windows Phone.

In honour of all things retro, the phone team have gone a little old school and have tweaked the interface a smidgeon.

The interface has been, well let’s just say “streamlined”.

Update 1-4-2015:  Yes this was an April 1st prank…  You can download the app for your Windows phone.

In addition to the below, there are lots of other bits of silliness in the app.  They include:

  • Story included in io.sys,  (execute “type io.sys” to see it)
  • Story included in msdos.sys
  • Try and format C:  -–> see what happens…..
  • HELP shows the available commands

Do leave a comment with your favourite feature!!

New Boot Process

You will quickly realise that the UI is now minimalistic, and offers few distractions to your productivity.

Starting MS-DOS MobileMS-DOS Mobile Boot Process

And when the phone has completed boot, the full interface is shown.

MS-DOS Mobile Boot Process CompleteNot Enough You Say.  Want A GUI You Say?

Typing WIN launches the full GUI experience!

New Windows Mobile GUINew Windows Mobile - More Apps Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

Who needs more apps that that?


Fully Featured OS

This latest build is packed with all of the features we have come to love!  Note the usage of the legacy Sound Blaster sound card!

Familiar Working Environment, No?Powerful Games

Precision tuning is also offered via config.sys and autoexec.bat

Precision Memory Tuning In MS-DOS MobilePrecision Memory Tuning In MS-DOS Mobile

This build is certainly aimed at the hardware enthusiast who wants to tune the memory allocation and the EMM driver.  Possibly since 640K is all you will ever need?




Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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