Second Century Of Blog Posts

After looking at some of the blog statistics I wanted to take  brief moment and say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read the posts over the last four years.

Time has certainly flown since I first posted this quick note on Exchange 2010 RPC Client Access back in October 2011.  And it is almost a full 4 years!

If cricket was my thing, then maybe there would be a cricketing reference embedded about 200 and not out.  That is not my thing!  Pimm’s #1 is the best part of cricket for me.

In lieu of that, here is a tenuous century link to some retro Brit-Pop!

<courtesy link to Pulp – Disco 2000>

As always, do leave a comment saying what you found useful and why.  If there are topics that are of interest do let me know!



Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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