Quick Tip: Is There A Shortcut URL To Download Online Sign In Assistant

For those wondering what the download page is for the Microsoft Online Services Sign In Assistant, using your favourite search engine in your favourite browser is one choice.

Alternatively you can use the handy dandy shortcut URL:



This will take you to the latest version of the Sign In Assistant download page.


Download Microsoft Online Sign In Assistant


For reference purposes, the intent of the Sign-In Assistant and the previous builds are listed below.

The Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant provides end user sign-in capabilities to Microsoft Online Services, such as Office 365. The MOS SIA installs client components that allow common applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Lync, to authenticate to Microsoft Online Services. The MOS SIA can also provide an improved sign-in experience,

Version 7.250.4551.0 of the SIA was released in September 2013 and is labelled as a beta.

Version 7.250.4556.0 of the SIA was released in February 2014 and is labelled as RTW.


Version 7.250.4551.0 of SIA Was Beta



Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]


  1. Link no longer works. I'm desparate, looking for a working link to 7.250.4556.0 or later. I'm only able to find working links to 7.250.4303.0, which is old and gets exception errors.

  2. Can you share what this is needed for? Personally I've not installed that component for years due to updated Office clients and the associated move to Modern Auth.


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