Office 365 Welcome Pages – Circa 2015

The below are some of the older Office 365 welcome pages, thought it might be fun to make the screenshots available for reference.  They are from an old blog post that never made its way out of the draft folder.  So it was repurposed for this post.

I used to call this one the California Highway

Office 365 Logon Page - California Highway


Once signed in, the Office 365 admin portal is shown below.


Office 365 Admin Portal








Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]


  1. Good idea, immortalizing these beauties of the past. The O365 Admin Center is from before my time / experience with O365. It looks like a copy / paste of Exchange 2013 ECP. Interesting how many things start with Exchange at Microsoft!

    • That was certainly a design goal - make the on-premises and EXO experience look alike so it eases the transition.

      Exchange 2010 on-premises hybrid to a 15.0 tenant was the exact opposite. The 2010 MMC on-prem was a juxtaposition with the EXO web UI.


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