Dude, Where’s My Set-DAG Command

Have you read a blog or web site that asked you to run the Set-DAG command?  Were you told by someone to run the Get-DAG command?  You then went to your lab Exchange server to test and validate the command only to find that it does not work.  At this point it’s a case of: Dude, where’s my command**

The Exchange Management Shell will look like the below:


<Soup Nazi> No Set-DAG Command for you!  <Soup Nazi>


The reason is as mentioned in the red output text, the command is not recognised.  It’s simply just not there…


This is because Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup is a little wordy to type, and is often abbreviated to Set-DAG.  The same is true for the other DAG commands as well.  I’ll put them into a table so that search engines will pick them up and people can easily find them.  And for the record, I’m pretty guilty of shortening them which is why I started to write this in the first place……


Database Availability Group


Full Command Abbreviated
Restore-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Restore-DAG
Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Start-DAG
Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Stop-DAG
New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup New-DAG
Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Remove-DAG
Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Set-DAG
Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Get-DAG


Database Availability Group Server


Full Command Abbreviated
Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer Add-DAGServer
Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer Remove-DAGServer


Database Availability Group Network

Full Command Abbreviated
Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork Get-DAGNetwork
New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork New-DAGNetwork
Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork Remove-DAGNetwork
Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork Set-DAGNetwork




** – Ashton Kutcher films never really became more cerebral, did they?

Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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