Office 365 Workshop Links – December 2014

This is a link throw-down for the items that we discussed during a recent Office 365 workshop that I delivered to customers in sunny Calgary.

I’m posting the links here since they will be available to all of the attendees, and thought that others may also find them useful/interesting. 


Service Descriptions

Exchange Online Service Description – required reading!  Especially the limits section.  Read this now.  Do not be surprised…..



MXToolbox – useful site to test DNS records, SMTP blacklists etc.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMAN) 2.7 is now available.  Downloadable from here


New MacLook

New Outlook for MAC - New version of Outlook for MAC (MacLook).

The new Outlook for Mac includes:

  • Better performance and reliability as a result of a new threading model and database improvements.
  • A new modern user interface with improved scrolling and agility when switching between Ribbon tabs.
  • Online archive support for searching Exchange (online or on-premises) archived mail.
  • Master Category List support and enhancements delivering access to category lists (name and color) and sync between Mac, Windows and OWA clients.
  • Office 365 push email support for real-time email delivery.
  • Faster first-run and email download experience with improved Exchange Web Services syncing


Cross Premises Shared Mailbox Support

Planning an Exchange hybrid deployment.  This page has the support statement that shared mailboxes and mailboxes accessing them must reside in the same premises. 

  • Mailbox permissions  On-premises mailbox permissions such as Send As, Receive As, and Full Access that are explicitly applied on the mailbox are migrated to Exchange Online if the tenant in Exchange Online has been fully synchronized using Dirsync or AAD Sync. Inherited (non-explicit) mailbox permissions such as permissions applied to the mailbox database and any permissions on non-mailbox objects (such as distribution lists or a mail-enabled user) are not migrated. Therefore, you should recreate these permissions in Exchange Online using the Add-MailboxPermission or Add-RecipientPermission cmdlets.

  • Cross-premises permissions Mailbox permissions such as Send As, Receive As, and Full Access are not supported if the user trying to access the mailbox is in Exchange Online but the target mailbox is on-premises, or vice versa. Typically, when migrating a user mailbox from on-premises to Exchange Online, in order to overcome this limitation, mailboxes belonging to users who have access to the first mailbox should also be migrated at the same time to ensure the delegate scenarios continue to work.


Office 365 Authentication Changes

Authentication changes to Office 2013.  This was first announced at MEC 2014 and earlier this year on the Office blog.  The November update is here


Training Links

Microsoft Virtual Academy – multiple training videos

Office Technical Blog

Garage Series



DirSync release announcement of Password Sync

List of Attributes that are Synced by the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool

 How To Run Manual DirSync / Azure Active Directory Sync Updates

 DirSync: How To Switch From Single Sign-On To Password Sync



Exchange Innovation lab – if only it were real….

Do fish drown? – yes they do….

Cheese phobia is  called Turophobia.  It’s a long story…………….




Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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