QuickTip–Delay Functionality In Windows Snipping Tool

In current versions of Windows the venerable snipping tool (snippingtool.exe) has been updated with improved functionality.

Windows 7 Snipping Tool

This is the Snipping Tool from a Windows 7 lab machine:

Windows 7 Snipping Tool

Clicking on Options we see:

Windows 7 Snipping Tool Options


Windows 10 Snipping Tool

The below were taken from my Windows 10 build 1803 machine. Note that there are now additional buttons present.

Specifically the Mode and Delay buttons as shown below.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool


Mode allows you to customise what will be captured.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool - Mode Feature

Delay allows you to delay the capture so you have time to get the exact details ready.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool - Delay Feature

The options are the same as the Windows 7 version:

Windows 10 Snipping Tool Options


Why should you care about the new options?  Have to every had the requirement to capture a pop-up menu, but when you press the key to initiate the screen capture the key press dismisses the very thing you want to capture?

This is the perfect example of when to use the delay feature.  Set the delay, click new snip and then you will be capture the exact detail you want.


Happy snipping!!!




Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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