End of Outlook 2010 Support – T Minus 1 Year

For awareness, Office 2010 has one year remaining of its extended support lifecycle. Office 2010 SP2 has been required since October 2014.  All Office 2010 installs must be running SP2 in order to receive security updates since that time.

On the 13th of October 2020, Office 2010 will exit out of extended support.  Please plan to transition to a support client well in advance.

There are many feature and functionality benefits in newer versions of Outlook.  For example:

  • Modern Authentication
  • Sync Slider to control OST usage
  • Office 365 support
  • Support for the unlimited archive in Exchange Online


For those connecting to Office 365, note the client requirements as outlined in this Tech Communities post and the product documentation.

Office 2010 Product Support Dates

The below shows the support lifecycle dates for Outlook 2010.

Office 2010 Life Cycle - End of Support Date

Office 2010 Service Pack Support Dates

For reference the service pack information is also shown.  Service Pack 2 is the last service pack for Office 2010.

Office 2010 Life Cycle - End of Support Date





Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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