Office 365 Workshop Links – December 2017

This is a link fest  for the items discussed during a recent Office 365 workshop delivered in an unusually tropical Calgary last week.  Calgary +12 in December is always a win!!

Posting the links here since they will be available to all of the attendees, and thought that others may also find them useful/interesting.

PowerShell Tips And Tricks

Start with these three articles:

How To Maximize Exchange Administrator Productivity With PowerShell–Part 1

How To Maximize Exchange Administrator Productivity With PowerShell–Part 2

How To Maximize Exchange Administrator Productivity With PowerShell–Part 3

For all PowerShell posts, please review this tag.

Office 365 Public Roadmap


Office 365 Datacentre Map


Current Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update

Exchange 2013 CU18

Current Exchange 2016 Cumulative Update

Exchange 2016 CU7

Exchange Online

Overview of inactive mailboxes in Office 365

Manage inactive mailboxes in Office 365

Exchange Hybrid

Office 365 Mailbox Migration – Target Mailbox Doesn‎'t Have An SMTP Proxy Matching

Delivery Failed From Office 365 Mailbox To On-Premises Exchange Mailbox

Office 365 Exchange Hybrid Deployments Busting The Autodiscover Myth

Office 365 Autodiscover Lookup Process

Users in a hybrid deployment can't access a shared mailbox that was created in Exchange Online

Cross Premises Shared Mailbox Support

Planning an Exchange hybrid deployment.  This page has the support statement around what cross-premises permissions are supported.  The below is from December 2017. Note that the cross-premises permission support has recently change.  Please review the previous versions of this post to compare the older support statement.

  • Hybrid deployment requirements Before you configure a hybrid deployment, you need to make sure your on-premises organization meets all of the prerequisites required for a successful deployment. For more information, see Hybrid deployment prerequisites.
  • Exchange ActiveSync clients  When you move a mailbox from your on-premises Exchange organization to Exchange Online, all of the clients that access the mailbox need to be updated to use Exchange Online; this includes Exchange ActiveSync devices. Most Exchange ActiveSync clients will now be automatically reconfigured when the mailbox is moved to Exchange Online, however some older devices might not update correctly. For more information, see Exchange ActiveSync device settings with Exchange hybrid deployments.
  • Mailbox permissions migration  On-premises mailbox permissions such as Send As, Full Access, Send on Behalf of, and folder permissions, that are explicitly applied on the mailbox are migrated to Exchange Online. Inherited (non-explicit) mailbox permissions and permissions granted to objects that aren’t mail enabled in Exchange Online are not migrated. You should ensure all permissions are explicitly granted and all objects are mail enabled prior to migration. Therefore, you have to plan for configuring these permissions in Office 365 if applicable for your organization. In the case of Send As permissions, if the user and the resource attempting to be sent as aren’t moved at the same time, you'll need to explicitly add the Send As permission in Exchange Online using the Add-RecipientPermission cmdlet.
  • Offboarding  As part of ongoing recipient management, you might have to move Exchange Online mailboxes back to your on-premises environment.For more information about how to move mailboxes in an Exchange 2010-based hybrid deployment, see Move an Exchange Online mailbox to the on-premises organization.

    For more information about how to move mailboxes in hybrid deployments based on Exchange 2013 or newer, see Move mailboxes between on-premises and Exchange Online organizations in hybrid deployments.


(note the space between AD and FS)

Install AD FS 2016 for Office 365 – first post published.  Additional ones to follow.

How To Install AD FS 2016 For Office 365

Installing AD FS 2012 R2 For Office 365 – Step By Step series of 3 posts:

  1. Install ADFS

  2. Install ADFS Proxy

  3. Leverage ADFS with Office 365

ADFS 2012 R2 Extranet Account Lockout Protection

Directory Synchronisation

Plan to install Azure Active Directory Connect 1.1  - older solutions are depreciated and will exit out of support in early 2017.

Still Running DirSync and AAD Sync–Really Time To Update

DirSync release announcement of Password Sync.

Managing Directory Synchronisation – Notes From The Field

List of Attributes that are Synced by the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool

How To Run Manual DirSync / Azure Active Directory Sync Updates

DirSync: How To Switch From Single Sign-On To Password Sync

Modern Authentication

Authentication changes are available in Office 2013 and Office 2016.  The solution has been called Modern Authentication.

This was first announced at MEC 2014 and earlier on the Office blog.  The November update on the topic is here.

Training Links

Microsoft Virtual Academy – multiple training videos

Office Technical Blog

Garage Series

Service Descriptions

Exchange Online Service Description – required reading!  Especially the limits section.  Read this now.  Do not be surprised…..

Updated IE Support Policy

Stay up-to-date with Internet Explorer


MXToolbox – useful site to test DNS records, SMTP blacklists etc.

Remote Desktop Manager 2.7 – download

Test Exchange Connectivity (EXRCA)

Teds Webtools

Network Tools (note that there is a hyphen in the domain name)


EOP Field Notes – Andrew Stobart’s excellent EOP blog

Anti-spam message headers

Enhanced email protection with DKIM and DMARC in Office 365

DMARC - What is it?

Save The Date - End Of Forefront Protection 2010 For Exchange -- T Minus 12 Months

Various Links

RBAC Primer

RBAC manager – Codeplex

Exchange Autodiscover

Remove Management Role Entries – since was unable to pipeline this in Exchange Online

Sysinternals Tools easy download  – http://live.sysinternals.com/

Manual Exchange Hybrid Configuration Steps – no longer supported but revel in the fact that you now have the HCW!

Friday Morning Rant – Premise and Tenents

Quick Tip: Is There A Shortcut URL To Download Azure AD PowerShell?

Random Links

Password Strength

This is what happens when you reply to spam – TED talk

Weather forecasting stone

The Register – UK IT News site



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