Most Popular Blog Posts For 2017

Well, EHLO to the year 2018!  Just like last year, let’s take a peek at the top 10 most popular blog posts based on hit count.

As previously noted, there is more of a demand for Office 365 and Exchange Online content.  The steps to run a manual sync cycle was the most popular post.  Remaining current on support life cycle is also critical, and the Windows 2008/R2 and Exchange 2010 aspect is an issue many companies must address in the next two years.  Expect a follow-up post on this in January.  AD FS remains in the top 10 along with issues with WAP disconnecting from the AD FS farm.  Office 365 Autodiscover remains in the top posts as in previous years.  Expect an update for newer Outlook versions in the near future.

Have a safe an happy holiday, and take the time to appreciate life!

Most Popular 2017 Posts

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Rhoderick Milne [MSFT]

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